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Investment Services


At ConvergEx, our execution experience and advanced technology combined with our broad access to maximum sources of liquidity delivers consistent, performance-driven results in over 100 markets worldwide. With the deep knowledge of our professionals, ConvergEx can help you manage your execution needs through comprehensive technology-based global execution products and services for equities, fixed income, U.S. exchange-listed options, corporate buybacks, American and Global Depositary Receipts and Exchange Traded Funds. And, our agency-based* model means we never compete with our customers’ order flow, so we are always working with your best interest in mind.

High Touch Execution

Our experienced staff acts as an extension of your desk, actively sourcing major markets and centers of liquidity and managing complex, transactable order flow. We offer extensive experience in dealing with multiple securities and markets simultaneously, as well as settling transactions in some of the world’s most complex markets. Our sophisticated liquidity management tools and strategies, combined with our experience, insight, and knowledge of global market structure, enable our professionals to provide color and navigate fragmented markets to seek and manage liquidity with minimal market impact and latency.

Program Execution

Our professionals ensure that execution costs are minimized and the widest range of information is available to meet your execution goals for passively managed, enhanced indexed or structured multi-asset class portfolios. Our customers have access to APEX, our sophisticated portfolio optimizer, specifically designed to identify optimal trading rates in real-time. A dynamic implementation shortfall portfolio algorithm with sophisticated metrics, APEX is a powerful tool that delivers intuitive strategies that adapt to evolving market conditions.

*ConvergEx Group companies do not engage in market making, investment banking or “at risk” proprietary trading, but may operate in a riskless principal and/or net trading capacity as well as in an agency capacity.

Transition Management

Experience, global capabilities and a team of dedicated professionals are what you look for in a transition provider. And these are what we provide at ConvergEx.

We understand that portfolio restructuring is a reality that needs to be understood fully and addressed thoroughly in a climate filled with increasing pressures. We help our customers do just that. We don’t think of a transition as a discrete event, we consider it something more. A global transition is an integral part of your entire investment process.

There are risks involved with transitions, ones that can hurt performance and put your portfolio at risk. We act as an experienced, knowledgeable provider to help manage those risks and keep your costs reasonable. We are here for you throughout the entire process to coordinate throughout.

As an award-winning transition management provider, our services are used by many of the world’s largest asset owners. 

Commission Management

At ConvergEx, we are proud of our historical innovation and experience in commission management. We are recognized as a leader in the industry—a cutting-edge partner who brings respected insights and a depth of knowledge and customized services to our customers.As your advocate, we help to navigate today's evolving market structure. We provide extensive industry knowledge across a broad spectrum of topics - from recent industry developments in commission management practices - both in the United States and the United Kingdom to sophisticated commission management technologies that streamline and manage your workflow.

Our many years of experience give us an in-depth understanding of today’s complicated marketplace. We provide the solutions you need to enhance the efficiency of your commission management and reporting activities and help you get maximum value from your commission dollars. The combination of our leading-edge technologies, together with our experienced professionals, enable us to offer a broad array of flexible commission management choices specifically targeted to our customers’ objectives and priorities.

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Investment Technologies

ConvergEx’s investment technologies are designed to enable customers to achieve improved results through operational and workflow efficiencies, execution and analytical tools and highly personalized service. Our extensive knowledge and experience, combined with our global resources and entrepreneurial passion, enable us to provide an unmatched offering in an evolving, competitive marketplace.

ConnEx - Outsourced FIX Connectivity

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Commission Management

At ConvergEx, we are proud of our historical innovation and experience in commission management. We are recognized as a leader in the industry—a cutting-edge partner who brings respected insights and a depth of knowledge and customized services to our customers. As your advocate, we help to navigate today’s evolving market structure. We provide extensive industry …