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717 Market StreetSuite 100
San Francisco

EZOPS--Dublin Office

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Bikram Singh
[email protected]

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

EZOPS’ Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) makes it easy for users to automate tasks and create BOTS that can be triggered by pre-defined rules.

● Automate any repeatable task without IT assistance—from sending an email to an interested third party or posting a remediating transaction to any internal or external system
● Automate tasks generated from legacy or third-party applications
● Incorporates both rules-based and stochastic machine learning-based automation

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EZOPS’ Insights enables end-users and management to gain valuable business and operational insight once all underlying data throughout the data lifecycle is migrated onto EZOPS’ system. ● Empowers C-Suite and management with key metrics across the entire data lifecycle ● End users can customize dashboards or reports and drill-down for deep insight and share those …


EZOPS’ Curie, our machine learning module combines the effortlessness of a user-friendly U.I. with the power of SME-coded algorithms. ● Identify reasons for breaks—eliminating time spent researching exceptions ● Detect data anomalies upfront preventing bad data from infecting downstream processes ● Comprehensive model governance with explainability and auditability ● Easily create, hypertune, and adjust new …

Data Reconciliation

EZOPS’ Data Reconciliation enables users to easily configure and reconcile any recon or number of sources without IT assistance. ● Set up matching rules for any product and data type—even complex products like CFDs ● Configure all data matching rules and new matching keys ● Apply static and dynamic tolerances and use fuzzy logic ● …