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Intellect OneTREASURY

Bank Treasuries across the world are increasingly concerned about optimizing liquidity, managing risk and delivering operational efficiency, in their endeavor to sustain the competitiveness of the bank in the global marketplace. They are looking to adopt systems which can help them to harness the power of risk data to enhance business profitability and drive performance across the organization. Intellect OneTREASURY is an integrated solution which aids banks by centralizing operations and providing operational efficiency through complete automation and seamless integration of treasury functions.


Our View:


One of the major factors which has contributed to the gradual evolution of Treasury Management systems in recent times has been the emergence of multiple regulatory frameworks whose singular aim is to prevent future crisis situations. Regulations like Basel III and Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) will change the way senior management uses Treasury Management Systems (TMS).

The emergence of cloud-based treasury systems, creates opportunities to outsource treasury management at lower costs than creating or managing in-house systems. Cloud-based Treasury Management Systems (TMS) will make it easier for TMS vendors to standardize processes and deliver sophisticated functionality to treasury businesses across the globe.

The trading volumes which need to be handled by Treasury solutions has also increased significantly and in some cases solutions now need to handle volumes of close to 10 million transactions / day. To handle such high trading volumes, solutions need to be highly scalable and stable. Hence, there is a need for a treasury solution which can provide a consolidated view of risk and position related information, enabling treasurers to make near real-time decisions to drive business performance.


Our Offering:

The OneTREASURY Solution under the umbrella of Intellect Risk, Treasury & Markets (iRTM) is an integrated treasury and risk management platform which aids banks by centralizing operations and provides operational efficiency through complete automation and seamless integration of treasury functions. Apart from managing risks, the Intellect OneTREASURY solution helps facilitate the leveraging of risk, thereby giving banks the upper edge to compete globally.

Intellect OneTREASURY integrates disparate treasury systems through a single centralized instance greatly simplifying the process of managing trading risk. It automates treasury trading activities across multiple asset classes and provides high throughput rates enabling rapid execution of trades for higher operational efficiency. It facilitates liquidity optimization and management by providing accurate near real-time views of cash positions across multiple branches and regions. The solution is equipped with configurable workflows to ensure that the trading portfolios remain compliant to various trading policies and controls, at both global and local levels.

Modern day treasurers have a need to keep launching new products in the marketplace to retain client loyalty and penetrate new market segments. Intellect OneTREASURY provides the assurance they need by providing a robust framework for launching new and complex products, with reduced time-to-market, based on changing customer demands and requirements.

The various solution components which come under the OneTREASURY umbrella are:

  1. Treasury CBX which provides E-trading functionality for Corporate Customers.
  2. Cross Asset Solution which powers front-mid-back office operational efficiency across asset classes.
  3. Collateral Management Solution which is very relevant to modern treasurers from a OTC trading perspective and it is designed to eliminate counterparty risk.
  4. Liquidity and Risk management Solution which empowers treasurers with the ability to effectively manage liquidity across the organization, allowing them to make optimized funding decisions.
  5. Intra-Day Liquidity Management Solution is designed to manage mutiple NOSTRO accounts to ensure that the bank is well-funded to settle day-day transactions.
  6. Market Risk Management Solution which provides coverage of a vast array of market risk metrics factors like value at risk, cost to closure, FS, which is the DV01 etc.
  7. Reconciliation Management Workbench which manages trade confirmations to ensure that all positions are reconciled properly and there is no settlement risk in any of these transactions.


Intellect OneTREASURY has a proven track record of powering One of the World's largest Treasury operations, spanning across multiple geographies. Aite group has praised the OneTREASURY Solution in its The Treasury Systems Market in Asia-Pacific 2014 report stating that “OneTREASURY is fit for growing markets like the Asia-Pacific, and solutions such as Zf Visualizer, Liquidity Risk Management, and Collateral Management are increasingly in-demand in fast-developed countries like Singapore. Also, countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia have shown growing demand for solutions such as Cross Asset for new and exotic instruments, Market Risk Management, and Treasury CBX."


The solution is designed to cater to the emerging needs of treasuries in complex regulatory environments. The salient benefits offered by OneTREASURY to treasurers and risk managers are:

  • Equip's a bank's treasury clientele with self-trading capability
  • Enables business expansion by enabling the clientele to stay connected with the treasury around-the-clock
  • Intuitive display of real-time risk information which enables traders and mid-office personnel to identify areas of concern which require the attention of management
  • Operational Efficiency is achieved through high Straight-Through-Processing (STP) rates across front-mid-and back offices
  • Enables Treasurers to understand counterparty-wise exposure and minimizes counterparty risk through appropriate usage of collateral
  • Helps risk managers to make accurate funding and liquidity management decisions
  • Manages various Nostro accounts of banks to ensure that they are well funded to manage various business transactions
  • Dynamic Dashboards enable accurate Intra-Day Liquidity Management decisions
  • Compliance with latest regulations like Basel III and Dodd-Frank
  • Provides comprehensive suite of risk metrics FS (Dv01), CTC, PSR, SR, EVA, MTM, EAR, VaR, Conditional VaR, GAP, duration complexity and supports Irregular Amortizations
  • Compliance with Basel III Liquidity Standards along with Stress Testing enables multiple calibrations for optimum 'Contingency Fund Planning'
  • Manages confirmations related to outstanding OTC transactions and provides Exception Management support


Our Approach:

Robust and Scalable design, Unmatched Implementation Expertise


Accelerated Implementation Methodology: A basic vanilla version of the solution can be deployed at the client location within a short time-period of 4 to 5 months through Intellect's proven delivery methodology and incremental functionality can be added on a need basis.


Technical Highlights of the Solution:

  • High performance achieved through in built caching framework,  multi-threading  and parallel processing and techniques to optimize database usage
  • High availability, near zero down time and scalability achieved through middle ware clustering, suitable hardware configuration, database replication  and horizontal scalability architecture


Incorporating New Products: A Component based architecture model enables clients to pick and choose or add new asset classes/modules/features based on changing business requirements


Implementation Highlights of the Solution:

  • Smart legacy modernization through non-disruptive implementation approach
  • Customer delight through D-3 OTIF (On Time In FULL)


Support Enablement:

  • Roadmap items provided as part of Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  • Production support (L1,L2) provided on request
  • Quick TAT tracked through well defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Support provided in area of Technology Consulting, Performance Improvement etc. 

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