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Jim Damschroder
[email protected]


G-Sphere is a three-dimensional asset allocation model that quantifies and displays portfolio balance (diversification) in lucid physical terms. The G-Sphere pushes the most attractive assets to the model exterior leaving the inefficient assets interior and unallocated.

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Index Optimization

Using Gsphere’s proprietary optimization technology we can create optimized versions of virtually any index. This service is kicked off with a research project that discovers superior settings for the index methodology. The resulting product is co-marketed and licensed.

Model Portfolio Construction Service

* Investment systems re-engineering • Internalization of Investment activities • Launch of new line of business • Mergers and Acquisitions * Development of new markets or sales channels

Gsphere Web Asset Aggregation Platform

GWeb is an asset aggregation platform used to gain assets under management using patented Diversification Optimization logic. This enables rep as a manager as well as product integration. Gweb is adept at demonstrating advantages of including alternative investments. Used by B/D’s, banks and RIA’s