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FutureSource® is a preferred global market data and analytics platform for market professionals who need to make more informed buying and selling decisions. It incorporates cutting-edge functionality and tools designed to support traders, brokers and analysts with risk management. It is supported by Interactive Data’s state-of-the-art distribution network, which can provide global exchange connectivity and a broad array of real-time, historical and third-party data to our clients.

FutureSource’s comprehensive global asset class coverage includes stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, commodities and energy sectors. A simple access to hundreds of price sources, incorporating more than 150 exchanges and Over the Counter (OTC) market data sources, from banks’ FX rates to price assessments sourced by the worlds’ key Price Reporting Agencies. Weather maps and live news from numerous sources including Dow Jones are also featured.

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ICE Data Market Price Validation (MPV) Service

Benchmarking and validation of non-observable prices for long-dated OTC swaps, options and exotic derivative products, ranging to twenty years for over 200 global contracts.

APEX Managed Data Service

Interactive Data’s APEX Managed Data Service combines the power of global data content with industry leading technology in a hosted solution, enabling clients to interrogate data across multiple asset types, geographies, and markets, without the high cost and complexity of building and managing a data warehouse. Back-office/Operations Access a full data warehouse of reference data …


VantageSM is an innovative and intuitive web application that provides increased fixed income transparency for pre- and post-trade decision support and valuation oversight. Visualize Key Transparency Data Vantage allows clients to better understand Interactive Data’s evaluated prices within the context of a broad range of relevant market information, including public and proprietary market data inputs used …