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Brian Ross
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Flyer Trading Network

A secure broker-neutral network that normalizes broker and custodian connectivity for money managers. Enabling connection anywhere without the hassle of integrating & managing a FIX engine, SWIFT vendor &/or developing custom interfaces, providing an efficient network for trading or allocations.

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Flyer's Risk Gateway

a.k.a. Formula One or F1 Gateway Flyer’s multi-asset trade risk platform provides a unified solution for financial controls. Functions either as a FIX gateway and router, or as an out-of-band monitor, to seamlessly aggregate trades across accounts or underlying assets applying customized risk templates. Web dashboard provides visibility and alerts in real time. Built on …

Flyer's Wealth Management Platform

A multi-asset, broker-neutral trading platform bringing Wall Street technology to Wealth Management. Trade Order Management A web-based, multi-broker solution for advanced trading and allocation management for Equities, ETFs, Options, Futures and Mutual Funds. It is designed to centralize and automate routine trading desks activities while reducing the operational risks. It provides your team the ability …

FIX Flyer Electronic Trading Tools

Robust and innovative FIX tools to support some of the worlds most efficient electronic trading. FIX Flyer Tools are strategic assets that optimise overall performance for all types of electronic trading needs.