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Andy Faibishenko
[email protected]

FIX Technician – Poweful FIX Testing Tool

Using a GUI or through automated scripts, write tests for any FIX API.
Powerful Excel-like expression language
Powerful domain specific test scripting language.
Templates/Global variables
Integrate into Continuous Build, version control

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FIX Protocol testing and consulting

FIX Protocol tools covering the entire FIX lifecycle from specification to deployment. FIX Explorer – powerful FIX spec editor – Rules of Engagement generator FIX Technician – GUI FIX Testing tool FIX Conductor – onboarding and certification portal FIX Detective – FIX production monitor Consulting

FIX Explorer - Define your version of FIX

Customize, publish & support your FIX specification. Customize a standard FIX repository to suit your spec; mark tags as supported or unsupported, create custom enumerations and add textual descriptions and graphics. Export the spec to a web viewable repository and keep your customers up-to-date.