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FIS® Corporate Actions Manager Suite (formerly XSP)

FIS® Corporate Actions Manager Suite (formerly XSP) automates the corporate actions lifecycle from end to end to improve operational efficiency, raise STP rates and drive industry best practice. With automated workflow and a centralized electronic diary for managing all types of corporate actions data and events, Corporate Actions Manager Suite helps a diverse, global client base monitor and minimize the risks of corporate actions processing, make better informed election decisions and reduce their costs.

The Power of Corporate Actions Manager Suite
Advanced, end-to-end automation:

Rely on a powerful document database and robotic process automation for data management, and decrease dependency  on manual intervention and processes.

Risk reduction and control:
Reduce potential financial losses by improving visibility and highlighting areas of risk before they threaten your balance sheet or reputation.

SWIFT accreditation:
Trust in a solution that has achieved SWIFT accreditation every year since 2005, longer than any competitor.

User-friendly web access:
With a modern HTML5 interface and web-based technology, see exactly how corporate actions affect your accounts and submit instructions from anywhere, at any time.

Depository partnerships and custodian connectivity:
Connect directly with other participants, as a result of our long-term partnerships with post-trade service providers –  and a leading role in industry corporate actions transformation projects. Take advantage of FIS’ SWIFT gateway connection options to improve your corporate actions life cycle automation.

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FIS® Corporate Actions Election Portal (formerly eTRAN+)

Run this user-friendly and  time-efficient web-based election module in used in conjunction with the FIS® Corporate Actions Manager Suite (formerly XSP).  Whether your customers are professional portfolio managers or individual investors, they can use FIS® Corporate Actions Election Portal (formerly eTRAN+) to review the terms of any corporate actions that may affect their holdings and make their …