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Firco Continuity

The regulatory landscape is changing faster than ever, and increases in customer and transaction volume challenge the ability of financial institutions to keep pace. In such an environment, the need for protection against risks, fines, and reputational damage has never been greater. To keep pace and contain increasing costs, financial institutions require technology solutions that are sophisticated and efficient.

That’s why more and more organisations are turning to Firco Continuity to ensure sanctions compliance and eliminate the risk of processing illegal transactions.

Since 2000, Fircosoft has been ranked #1, best-of-breed by many organisations for its watch list filtering solution. Nine of the world’s top ten financial institutions trust their reputations to our solution.

Firco Continuity is a real-time transaction screening solution that:

  • is multi-alphabet ready
  • can be interfaced to any banking application
  • operates on all major platforms
  • filters any incoming or outgoing transaction and type including SWIFT, FEDWIRE, and SEPA

Benefits of Firco Continuity


Powerful filtering engine delivers results instantly
Firco Continuity determines in milliseconds whether there are names, companies, vessels, addresses, or specific codes that match the blocked parties lists selected. Firco Continuity also offers a rules editor for creating business rules to reduce false positives.

Easily configurable platform improves your operational efficiency
Users can easily set parameters to optimise the filtering process. With a configurable workflow accelerator, users can implement diverse business processes that automatically prioritise, route, and escalate alerts.

Flexible interface is intuitive and easy to use
Firco Continuity provides a web-based user interface that makes it fast and easy for operators to investigate and make a decision before cut-off.

Reporting and audit trail is regulator-ready
Choose from a variety of reporting options from instant reporting on one transaction to complete end-of-day reporting.

You can also:

  • segregate regions and business lines
  • manage and consolidate lists
  • test and model before production
  • apply multiple filters for full scalability

Also Available

Firco Continuity offers add-on modules with advanced features to improve system control and increase productivity:

  • Stripping Detector—Identify and block amended payments, and protect against processing payments that have been purposefully altered
  • Pairing Manager—Pair messages related to the same transaction and process them together
  • Decision Reapplication—Automate alert resolution by ‘learning’ from past decisions made by users
  • Workflow Accelerator—Automatically prioritise, route, and escalate alerts

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