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Factbook Data Management™

Factbook Data Management™ is employed in the delivery of all our solutions, whether as a hosted, managed or an enterprise level deployment. Factbook Data Management™ is the building block which enables our clients to develop a data management strategy that provides unsurpassed data collection and control, data accessibly and workflow management whilst turning data management and distribution into a strategic and attainable competitive advantage.

Data Management is now firmly on the agenda of the investment management community, it is becoming more critical than ever for investment managers to have control and access to timely, reliable and relevant data which must enable efficient management, communication and distribution of fund information.

The benefits include transparency, reduced risk, improved client retention, consistent communications across all distribution channels, a reduction in fixed costs and the resulting liberty to focus on core competencies.

Our vast experience and knowledge of managing complex fund centric data is a core skill set at Factbook, we have distilled, transformed, and built on this knowledge in partnership with our clients, and the resultant solution is Factbook Data Management™.

Factbook Data Management™ offers:
  • Acquire data from any source
  • Apply verification and validation rules
  • Control process with intelligent “my workflow”, business process management and audit
  • Deliver data to core business applications and communication channels
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership of data management processes
  • Improve service levels with internal and external consumers and clients
  • Enable your staff to focus on value-added activities

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