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Experian Payments UK Gateway

Experian Payments UK Gateway 

Bacs software solution

Experian Payments UK Gateway is the most sophisticated and scaleable payments solution available. Designed to submit payments to Bacstel-IP, it is ideal for large organisations and bureaux and those with complex payment requirements or a mission-critical reliance on payments.

Experian Payments UK Gateway can be integrated easily with any payment application and is the Bacs software of choice for some of the largest and most innovative Bacs Originators including BT, Norwich Union and Scottish Power. Independent research shows that Experian Payments UK Gateway processes more transactions than any other Bacs software system.

Summary of features

Bacs software approved for use with Bacstel-IP under the Bacs Approved Software Service
Approved for use with Hardware Security Modules and for use by Bureaux
Supports bank grade users
Comprehensive validation of payment files and bank account details
Automatic retrieval and distribution of all Bacs reports
Scaleable from simple manual operation through to fully automated gateway
Supports biometric finger scan devices
Available for all main operating systems, including mainframe systems

Download the Experian Payments UK Gateway brochure

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