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NovaSparks, Inc 225 West 35th, Suite 1204 New York, NY 10001
New York


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Marc Battyani
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End-to-End low-latency transport Solution

End-to-End low-latency transport Solution
•Partnership with specialized telecom operators/ service providers : Level 3, Colt, Atrium and others coming

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ultra low latency market data processor

Specialized hardware processor (FPGA) dedicated to ultra low latency market data processing for feed handling and algorithm trading applications. The input to output latency is less than 2 microseconds for FAST encoded market data.

Ultra Low latency FPGA-Platform

Ultra Low latency FPGA-Platform: •“Packet Dispatcher” for ultra low latency connectivity between data source and Application servers •Algo-trading hardware environment for custom development

Market Data Ticker Plant:

Market Data Ticker Plant: •Outstanding top tier customers •Sub Microsecond Latency for: Feed Handler + Order Book + Indexes: First on the market •Large choice of high performance Output Connections: •1G, 10G multicast (low latency) •PCI-Express (ultra low latency)