Electronic Image-based Check Clearing

Technology-driven upgrades of check capture, presentment and clearing routines are becoming of a vital importance to your banking practices to ensure a competitive edge, superior service and compliance with recent financial visions and legislation.

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Hedgebook Treasury Management Software

Hedgebook’s highly intuitive treasury management tools enable you to effectively manage forex, interest rate or commodity hedges and exposures. Hedgebook gives bankers, brokers, corporates, auditors and treasury advisors the world over real confidence in their currency hedging strategies and compliance. Its fast, accurate reporting helps build transparent, valued relationships through securely sharing critical treasury management …

Eze Investor Accounting

Eze Investor Accounting combines a full general ledger and accounts payable system with an extraordinary allocation engine. Eze IA makes it easy to allocate a central cost center across multiple trading groups and legal entities using a percentage, fixed, or formulaic basis.

Eze Marketplace

Eze Marketplace is the fast and easy way to extend your Eze platforms and solve your business challenges quickly. Eze Marketplace gives you plug-and-play access to a rapidly growing menu of ready-to-enable solutions directly from SS&C and other trusted partners.