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Electra Reconciliation

Reconciliation and Exception Management

Investment managers often undertake unnecessary operational risks and overhead costs throughout the reconciliation process due to siloed or inefficient workflows, erroneous or incomplete data, manual and redundant effort, and delayed exception resolution. The problem further intensifies as complexity and trading volumes increase.

Electra Reconciliation helps buy-side asset managers and service providers diminish the risk, cost and inefficiency inherent in reconciliation and exception management, as well as across the entire post-trade process. With Electra Reconciliation, investment managers are able to:

  • Improve efficiency, accuracy and transparency across their entire reconciliation ecosystem
  • Eliminate manual, labor-intensive and redundant processes while gaining a robust data set
  • Expedite exception management and research processes with automatic cause identification
  • Accelerate investigations with integrated data and cross-referencing
  • Reduce risk with immediate exception resolution
  • Improve speed and accuracy with simultaneous, n-way reconciliation

Our patented intelligent integration providing holistic workflows, as well as our comprehensive data catalog, and dedication to continuous innovation – specifically for the needs of the buy-side – empower firms to focus their time on activities that drive their unique value, investor experiences and growth.

Electra Reconciliation addresses the problem of siloed investigations by intelligently integrating relevant data across departments – from the core reconciliation team to accounting, finance, corporate actions, collateral, settlements, and treasury/cash management. It provides the scalability, transparency and collaboration the middle and back offices need to quickly prepare for and adapt to expansions or shifts in front-office trading and investment strategies, asset classes, counterparties, and trading volumes.

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