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Edge Broker Solutions

Our intuitive GUI organizes orders and trades on a screen and allows you to easily get orders in and out of the market, negotiate prices, confirm trades, easily lookup historical trades and events, export trades and other market information in any format, and integrate with back-office.

Our system handles all your time consuming tasks as well as making your trading processes smoother and allows you to handle more trades and increase your client base.

Your trading system can be setup as a completely electronic system or a hybrid voice/electronic model. It serves as a price discovery and dissemination platform. Use it as an internal white board or assign access rights to your clients. Let your market be broker centric or a principle-to-principle trading model. Supply information to your customers through the system to get the competitive edge you need to expand your business.

Trade one or many asset-classes on the same screen, sort on different markets, regions, or asset-classes to organize trading on different market areas and make trading them easier.

Your trading system can be configured according to a multitude of parameters. Features and configurability options in the system include:

  • Order routing – predetermine recipients for each order or trade to mimic the behavior of manual voice broking
  • Indication of interests – IOI’s
  • Hit and lift – Accept matching
  • External Voice Deal Entry Function
  • Interactive/semi-interactive/non-interactive trading
  • Automatic Order Matching
  • Single/Multi-Asset Class Trading
  • First Look With Work-up Possibilities
  • Trade Reporting
  • Trade Confirmations
  • Export of Trades

A brokerage firm that has our system gets a bigger market presence, reaches more clients by increasing time efficiency, can do more trades, and save money.

Contact Baymarkets if you are interested in finding out what we can do for your market.


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