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e2gen Balance Reporting

Financial institutions need to provide Balance Reporting information to meet client and counterparty requirements in the most cost effective and flexible manner. Its aim is to provide greater levels of reporting transparency and higher degree of quality control.

e2gen’s Balance Reporting (BR) provides a flexible and format independent solution. BR allows for the automated production of customised SWIFT statements from both client and counterparty information held within the institutions one or more back office systems. End of day and intraday statements can be formatted to meet you and your counterparty’s requirements.

The messages are automatically created and delivered to the SWIFT device, third party cash reconciliation systems, electronic banking interfaces or any other configured delivery methods.

Integrated Solution

BR installs on the IBM iSeries to provide a high performance, resilient and a fully scalable processing solution. Standard integration with popular back office solutions include:

·         Equation
·         MIDAS
·         Signature
·         OLYMPIC Banking System
·         Silverlake
·         Globus
·         G3
·         IBIS

These standard interfaces allow rapid deployment and excellent return on investment. Unix and Proprietary systems are also supported.

Key Features

·         SWIFT compliant standards
·         Comprehensive Compliance & Audit
·         Intraday reporting
·         End of day statements
·         Statement on demand processing
·         Configurable event based reporting
·         Configurable content
·         Account validation
·         Re transmit statements
·         Bespoke formats supported
·         Multi-currency, multi entity & multi branch
·         Exception Processing and Notifications
·         Configurable Message Release
·         On line archive

Formatting Flexibility

BR can be configured to format specific information from the back office system either globally or customized for certain accounts.

This includes the ability to report on the current available and multiple forward available balances, suppressing forward valued entries if required.

Production of statements can be suppressed if no movements have occurred. Production frequency can also be configured to fulfill individual customer requirements.

Any characters extracted from the back office systems that are invalid for the delivery interface are automatically translated to the alternative that has been configured for that channel. This is especially important for countries that have accented character sets that are not valid for the SWIFT network.

Statement types

SWIFT statement messages are currently supported;

Message Type



Statement on demand


Customer statements


Balance only intraday


Interim transaction report


Nostro statement

Statements on demand
The receipt of an MT920 statement request from a specific counterparty can automatically trigger the formatting and release of the statement type requested.

Statement Duplication
The ability to configure duplicate statements to be sent to one or more alternative destinations and delivery channels can also be configured for specific accounts.

Statement Release
Statements release is typically automatic. Alternatively, manual release can be configured.

On-line Addressing Database
BR can incorporate any industry standard addressing databases, including SWIFT BIC+, and your own proprietary client delivery addresses. BR will automatically format and route the balance reporting messages to the correct delivery channel on production (e.g. SWIFT or electronic banking counterparty addresses etc).

Exception Processing
BR provides an exception processing environment; workflows are continually monitored for any exceptions with specific users notified immediately. Notifications are via the e2gen user desktop or email.

Monitoring of SWIFT delivery status messages (ACK and NAK monitoring) is provided and users will be automatically notified if the SWIFT network rejects a statement allowing users to investigate, repair and retransmit the statement.

Statements are saved in an online archive providing a complete history of statement production. Statements are linked to account details to allow resolution of client enquiries. Copy statements can be re-transmitted if required.

This history also highlights inconsistencies between the opening and closing balances on consecutive statements.

Compliance, User Security & Audit
User profile and static data changes are managed under dual control. Users can be allocated to, or prevented from handling specific functionalities and multi-currency processes. Comprehensive audit logs of all changes are available for the appropriate staff. Benefits of this feature are:

– Configurable compliance & audit control
– User profile management
– Static data management
– User limits
– The matching difference limits
– Un-matching
– Dual control (4 eyes)
– Audit & message change audit

All data changes are date and time stamped. All processing events (system and user) are logged on the audit trails and attached to each message.

For more information please call us on 020 8544 3200 or email [email protected]

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