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6 Lloyds Avenue Buildings Lloyds Avenue


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Marc Rolfe
[email protected]

DN Bureau

A secure, fully automated Managed Service to efficiently match Vendor Data Notifications ’s with impacted records and permission codes unique to each client.
Refinitiv and Bloomberg supported
Fast Implementation -Setup in ½ day
Seamlessly integrates with your workflow
Focused impact reports
Low cost

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TATTOO - Reference Data Tagging and Tracking

Reference data files are tagged at source with an indelible checkmark generated from the files’ digital fingerprint. This checkmark is recorded on the Registration server with the file details and origination. Non-intrusive implementation (agentless) identify ALL data accesses across the Domain

Visibility - Application Dependency discovery

Application to Application Discovery tool designed for rapid deployment. Analyse full application layer dependencies, port utilisation and server to server connections via our unique TCP Connections scanner.

CENSUS - Spreadsheet Discovery & Analysis

Ropnoy offers a full spreadsheet discovery service providing management overview and drilldown capability to interrogate spreadsheets and critically, highlight their external dependencies. Census finds all external spreadsheet dependencies including real-time calls from Market Data Vendors.