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DataMotion Secure File Transfer Automation

DataMotion Secure File Transfer Automation enables secure file exchange through a unique, centralized approach. Simply define your file transfer objectives, and the solution will orchestrate and report on all your transfer activity.

A unified approach allows servers, mainframes, employees, partners and customers to easily exchange sensitive data. It’s streamlined, secure and smart. And it saves you money.


  • File directory monitoring & email job triggering
  • Integrated encryption – no key management
  • Configurable file expiration
  • Centralized, remote administration
  • End-to-end tracking and reporting


  • Data transfer design maps to your actual business processes
  • Supports transfers between people and machines
  • Enables ad hoc and scheduled transfers in one solution
  • No scripting or custom development required
  • Overlays your existing systems – no rip and replace

Most Managed File Transfer solutions use a file system approach, and require folder permissions and custom scripts for each workflow. DataMotion Secure File Transfer Automation uses a simpler, results-oriented approach to easily describe and manage your transfers without the need for scripts, file directories or access control lists.

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