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DataCube Order Management System

Messer’s OMS comes complete with built-in FIX connectivity, pre-trade compliance and a comprehensive audit trail. The OMS module sits on top of Messer’s core DataCube product and seamlessly integrates with Messer’s Reporting, Position Management, Portfolio Analytics and Stock Borrow modules.

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DataCube Reporting

DataCube is a trade and security data consolidation, warehousing and aggregation tool that provides a flexible reporting solution for internal and external analysis and reporting. DataCube has its own comprehensive security master and plug-in modules for order management, performance,and stock loan.

DataCube Portfolio Analytics

Messer’s portfolio analytics module allows clients to access up-to-date performance metrics such as Standard Deviation, Skewness, Kurtosis, and Sharpe Ratio. Clients can track performance, exposure, and risk over time and plug their own proprietary risk formulas into Messer’s flexible platform.

DataCube Stock Borrow

Messer’s stock and bond borrow module manages the entire process from short-sell through to cover and return, tracking the cost and reconciling with each counterparty. Comprehensive reports show inventories, current rates and fees, changes in rates, pay-to-hold inventory and duration, and much more.