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Bob Leaper
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Data Agent Data Mart

Data Agent Data Mart is the critical anchoring block to centralize all investment data information, for consistency and to directly support the end users decision support needs, such as reporting, on-line inquiry, research, analytics, risk analysis and other business intelligence applications.

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Data Agent Investment Intelligence Solutions

Data Agent provides highly targeted business intelligence capabilities tailored for the unique needs of global institutional investment firms, private wealth management firms, hedge funds, and fund-of-funds managers.

Data Agent Analytics

Data Agent Analytics module provides derivative, fixed income and risk analytics that leverage the power of our Research Cube and the FinCad analytical calculation library. The data model supports all detailed elements and access via the Data Mart’s RDL reporting, Analysis, and Reporting Portal.

Data Agent Reporting Portal

The Reporting Portal provides full, web-based integration of all Suite information to create enterprise reporting portals and client facing web sites. Reports can be defined once in Data Mart and the same, consistent information shared in real time with the Reporting Portal.