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CuriumDQM (Data Quality Management) delivers the data quality management component within a Data Governance programme and gives internal management, external clients and regulators the assurances that the firm has full control over its sources of data and the way that data is used within the key data silos and applications within the firm. 

Boasting a number of unique features, Curium is the first, production strength DQM solution to provide data managers, data stewards, and other Operations personnel the controls, visibility and workflow that they need to drive a data quality process across the firm and achieve the levels of data governance demanded in today’s financial service firms.


Any data set can be modeled and validated in CuriumDQM.  Typical DQM data sets include reference data, market data, corporate actions, analytics, holdings, transactions and client static data.


CuriumDQM works alongside any established data architecture with minimal change or disruption and without the need to replace existing applications and databases. This allows you to obtain all the benefits of Curium while protecting and enhancing the investment already made in your data processing systems. Alternatively, if a complete change in the data architecture is required then Curium can be used as a key component in a best of breed approach.


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