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Collette Bird
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CorvilNet – Application & Network Latency Management

Customers use CorvilNet for precision monitoring and rapid troubleshooting of their trading applications and systems. In addition, Corvil’s solutions are leveraged to demonstrate latency compliance and up-sale of low-latency services to clients and prospects.

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CorvilNet - latency monitoring and streaming analytics

Fast and Dependable Network and Application Visibility Transform IT Data into Real-time Operational Intelligence Run your Digital Business in the Now

CorvilNet - Market Data Gap Detection

CorvilNet measures microsecond latency, jitter and loss for 100% of application traffic. The system also monitors application and traffic microbursts at ultra-short timescales. The quality of market data is reported with all detected sequence gaps published in real-time to a live dashboard.

CorvilNet - Latency Monitoring and Compliance

CorvilNet provides continuous real-time monitoring of the latency performance of trading applications, networks and services. Automatic alerts notify users when compliance against agreed latency service levels is violated.