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CargoDocs ADP

CargoDocs Automated Document Processing (ADP) combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology with Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Supervised Machine Learning to capture and structure data retrieved from paper-based trade documentation.

The solution has powerful engines that allow automation of: (i) document content correlation validation; (ii) document checking; (iii) compliance & trade based money-laundering checking – for both paper and electronic documents.

As such, CargoDocs ADP enables banks to increase efficiency and reduce operational & reputational risks when processing trade documents.

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CargoDocs BPO+

CargoDocs BPO+ combines ICC-approved Bank Payment Obligations (BPO) with the use of data from the CargoDocs platform, streamlining and automating the creation of BPO Baselines and Dataset submission between Corporates & Banks. It provides all users with the intuitive CargoDocs User Interface familiar to our customers, and maximizes the re-use of data contained in the …

CargoDocs ePresentation

CargoDocs ePresentation enables electronic Presentation of orginal eDocs under eUCP Documentary Credit (eUCP Presentation) and/or Documentary Collection (eDocumentary Collection), i.e. Cash Against Documents (CAD). The solution acts as a multi-bank platform, enabling ePresentation of title documents such as original CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading plus relevant supporting electronic documents such as Commercial Invoices, Independent Inspectors’ …