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Bottomline GTExchange®

Bottomline GTExchange®
Making complex business payments – Simple, Smart & Secure

Powerful and fully configurable, GTExchange® is multi-company providing a comprehensive connection hub to SWIFT and other networks. This premium solution supports high volume and complex message flows from multiple counterparties and market infrastructure including SEPA, SIC, EuroSIC, Secom, FIX. The best-in class SWIFTNet implementation is enriched with any XML support along with other proprietary messages.

GTExchange seamlessly interfaces with your existing back-end applications via a wide range of connectors and it’s the ideal platform to replace outdated legacy messaging products that does not support new SWIFT requirements such as XML and FileAct. 

It provides a single window access to a full range of SWIFTNet services (FIN, RMA, InterAct, FilaAct) either directly via SWIFTNet Link or through Alliance Gateway.

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