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Bloomberg PolarLake UK Office

1st Floor, 38 Threadneedle Street,

Bloomberg PolarLake Headquarters Head Office

1st Floor The Harcourt Building Harcourt Street

Bloomberg PolarLake USA Office

535 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor,
New York

Bloomberg PolarLake Singapore Office

23 Church Street


+1 (212) 672-1773


Michael Walford-Gran
[email protected]

Bloomberg PolarLake Deployed Software Solution


On-Premise Installation

The Bloomberg PolarLake Deployed Solution consists of an EDM On-Premise installation Software Platform installed on-premise, covering acquisition, management and delivery of all data types.


Vendor Feed Adaptors

Supporting 100′s of vendor feed file types, the adaptors have the ability to self-learn on self- describing feeds

Agile Data Store

Enabling the storage and linkage of data of all shapes and formats for vendor or internal data feeds

Business Rules Engine

Manage hierarchies, tolerances, complex conditional logic, normalization and transformations

Data Management Workstation

Manage exceptions and the overall Data Management lifecycle management


Advanced data Distribution Tools for batch, near real time, ad hoc and scheduled deliveries across multiple protocols

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Bloomberg PolarLake Fully Managed Service

Fully Managed Service The Bloomberg PolarLake Fully Managed Service delivers Golden Copy Data based on Bloomberg PolarLake Data Operators decisions and informed by client data policies.   Quality Improved Pricing Data Quality through world class People, Process and Technology Transparency Ability to concentrate on business requirements rather than market-wide common processing Speed Heavily reduced time …

Bloomberg PolarLake Co-Managed Service

Co-Managed Service Bloomberg PolarLake managed processing of multiple vendor and client sources delivering consolidated data for client exception management through a Data Management Workstation.   Quality Higher quality Data processed downstream through better pre-processing and observation on data quality issues early in the process Choice Enables strategic choices of what should be Managed and what …

Bloomberg PolarLake Data As A Service

Data as a Service Bloomberg PolarLake managed processing of a Single Vendor Source of Data in client specified format(s) and matched to internal IDs and Classification Schemes.   Reduced Costs Cost reduction on IT costs of on-boarding, integration and ongoing feed maintenance of vendor data Speed Faster time to market for new data Quality Unbroken …