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Basic Face Verifier

iProov Basic Face Verifier uses Liveness Assurance technology to confirm that an individual is the right person and provide some assurance that they are a real person. It delivers a low ceremony, passive user experience for safe and secure authentication.

  • Verify the identity of returning digital customers
  • Assure online individual is a real person
  • Combine with Enroller for secure onboarding and simple authentication

Why you need Basic Face Verifier

  1. Balances security and cost for frequent online authentications
  2. Ideal for use in low threat instances, or when additional data corroborates user’s authenticity
  3. Can be combined with Face Verifier for flexibile authentication

How Basic Face Verifier works

  1. Returning user wants to access their account
  2. User completes a brief, passive facial scan
  3. Biometric verified against pre-enrolled image
  4. Right person, real person? Access is granted

Basic Face Verifier benefits

  1. Passive authentication experience
  2. Protects against artefacts and digital presentation attacks
  3. Cloud based biometric security prevents device based attacks
  4. Privacy firewall safeguards personal information
  5. Lightweight SDK, packaged with all iProov face biometric products

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