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Bank Reconciliation

Automatically import data (including Bank and General Ledger) and match them easily and error-free to track and resolve exceptions. This solution also performs non-financial reconciliations and matching including CUSIP, inventory matching, credit card reconciliation, and account reconciliation.

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ACH Universal

Client-side software to create & transmit ACH files in CCD, PPD, CTX, CBR, and other NACHA standard formats. Transmit TXP payments and International transactions, too (IAT). Optional EDI engine supports STP EPN 820. Automate data import & file transmission processes. Desktop & SQL platforms.

Bank Positive Pay

An easy, affordable, file creation & transmission solution for businesses that want to participate in their bank’s positive pay service. Installed on a desktop computer, SQL or Citrix. Compatible with all Bank & Accounting packages. Provides automated, error-free file creation & transmissions.

ACH 2 Excel

ACH2Excel is an easy-to-use, affordable utility that converts ACH files to comma delimited files (csv) which can be opened in any version of Excel. It also incorporates Straight-Through-Processing for EPN STP 820.