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Active Image Archive (AIA)

Used in conjunction with the payment processing applications to store transaction information and any associated images.
Information can be stored on a wide range of media to suit the individual client’s business requirements: Storage Area Networks (SAN); Network Attached Storage (NAS); RAID disk; DVDs; and so on.
Flexible indexing facilities are provided to allow retrieval based on individual, or combined, field values, as well as other processing parameters (for example, the date the item was processed).

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Active Image Payment System (AIPS)

Aperta provides a range of payment processing solutions. These include Image-based payment solutions, Check-21, Truncation, Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearinghouse, Image Archive and Research, and Fraud Prevention and Detection solutions. Check 21 solutions are widely installed in the USA. Truncation solutions are installed internationally; this includes in the United Arab Emirates where Aperta also provides …

Active Image ScanExtra (AISE)

Payments can be presented in many forms, not just one stub and one check. For example: A single check; more than one check; a check with no supporting documentation; several bills paid with one check;. This last example can present problems when large accounts are being settled. Payments that cover a large number of deliveries, …

Active Image Fraud Detection (AIFD)

The AIPS application suite can be integrated with specialised detection components to identify documents that have been modified or tampered with. Detection of delinquent documents uses specific item characteristics and / or embellishments to facilitate fraud detection – details can be provided if automated fraud detection is required.