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INSTANDA and UnderwriteMe partner to transform life insurance with no-code tech

INSTANDA and UnderwriteMe alliance marks a transformative shift in life insurance, combining no-code technology with underwriting automation to revolutionise efficiency and market penetration.

  • Editorial Team
  • May 21, 2024
  • 3 minutes

In a significant move for the life insurance industry, INSTANDA, a leading global provider of SaaS platform technology for life insurance distribution and policy administration, has joined forces with UnderwriteMe, a comprehensive SaaS underwriting platform provider for the life insurance industry.

This strategic partnership is set to transform the life insurance distribution and policy administration landscape, leveraging the power of no-code technology. This alliance promises to usher in a new age of efficiency and accessibility, marking a pivotal moment for insurers and policyholders worldwide.

INSTANDA’s no-code core platform is known for its agility in streamlining distribution channels, enabling insurers to penetrate markets with unprecedented speed and ease. UnderwriteMe uses its sophisticated underwriting automation to simplify the underwriting process and reduce the placement time of business.

This collaboration is poised to make waves across four key markets: the UK & Ireland, North America, ANZ, and Asia, each with its distinct regional challenges.

INSTANDA and UnderwriteMe: A game-changing alliance

The integration of these technologies will benefit not just life insurers but also consumers, who will enjoy quicker decision-making and potentially lower costs.

By harnessing the power of no-code technology and advanced underwriting automation, this partnership aims to help life insurers cut technology costs and deliver faster decisions to consumers. As the industry grapples with talent shortages and the need for digital transformation, this collaboration offers a timely solution that could well set the standard for the future of life insurance.

INSTANDA’s no-code platform makes it easy for insurers to set up their distribution and policy management systems, while UnderwriteMe’s technology offers top-notch underwriting automation. This collaboration will benefit forward-thinking insurers seeking innovative ways to improve their services and efficiency.

Tim Hardcastle, Co-founder and CEO of INSTANDA commented on the collaboration, “At INSTANDA, we have bold ambitions to transform the insurance industry using our no-code core insurance platform and ultimately create better outcomes for the end consumer. Our partnership with UnderwriteMe will allow us to successfully collaborate with modern and progressive insurers across the globe – giving them the tools to create new efficiencies and cutting-edge underwriting.”

James Tait, CEO of UnderwriteMe, added, “We are excited to collaborate with INSTANDA and, through the integration of their product with ours, help more insurers make the move towards greater digitisation. The integration means it is even easier for life insurers to access and deploy the latest tools, techniques and data that will transform underwriting automation as we know it – regardless of where they are in the world, their size and scale and product suite.”