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Online insurance sales: Is it enough?

2nd December 2020

Company: Comarch Finance
The current epidemiological situation has become a driving force for many customers to change their buying habits. Also in the case of insurance: those who buy policies increasingly want to do it online. According to the Capgemini report, as many as 75 percent of the insurance company's customers worldwide would change their insurer if the... read more

ISO 20022: Which road should banks take?

26th November 2020

The ISO 20022 messaging standard will see banks sending and receiving payment messages with far richer data than before. Many are – understandably – preoccupied with the practical challenges that this will bring, such as how they can translate between MT and MX message formats. However, what should not be forgotten is that the new... read more

How the pandemic has accelerated consumers’ shift to digital payments

25th November 2020

Company: Accuity
It is likely that we won’t understand the full extent to which the pandemic has changed our lives until we are looking back at 2020. As people have remained home (and isolated) during the pandemic, they have resorted to purchasing their daily needs online.    It is easy to assume that the pandemic has significantly accelerated the... read more

Brexit: what next for Open Banking?

23rd November 2020

Company: ECommPay
The UK is a leader in the field of open banking. 2019 was a mammoth year for the country’s open banking ecosystem, when UK open banking hit one million users, regulated providers grew to 204 and there were 1.25 billion API calls. There is no doubt open banking has helped lift London into a position of global leadership in the fintech... read more

How Open Banking can help SME’s grow and thrive

20th November 2020

Company: Pelican
In September the UK’s Open Banking implementation body (OBIE) announced a significant uptake in the number of Open Banking service uses in the UK, with over two million people now benefiting from Open Banking products. This represents a 100 percent increase in users in just over six months since the start of the global pandemic. Both... read more

Vaccine provides cautious optimism among FDs

18th November 2020

Company: bobsguide
A vaccine to the coronavirus will not bring much change in consumer confidence in the next quarter, according to a panel of finance directors at  this year’s CFO Virtual Agenda. “At the moment, we are working on a scenario that the first half of next year most closely looks like the second half of this year,” said Will... read more

The costs of a coronavirus: Tips for re-evaluating tech spend in a pandemic

16th November 2020

With the global pandemic came a global need to reorganise, replan and rethink spending for businesses across industries, as the impact of lockdowns and changing consumer behaviour was felt. While IT costs are just one element of business budgets, technology now underpins the effective function of almost every organisation. At the same time,... read more

Effectively combating fraud while staying user-friendly

30th October 2020

Company: Comarch Finance
As an industry, financial services is seeing unprecedented threats from cyber and technology risks. As institutions work tirelessly to stay ahead of criminal activities, hackers continue to up the ante and advance their techniques. In this article, we discuss the threat landscape and how it has evolved, alongside authentication methods and ways... read more

Challenger banks may re-evaluate business models

29th October 2020

Company: bobsguide
Lack of sustainability threatens challenger bank longevity, according to a panel at Money 2020 Moneyfest yesterday. “Of course companies have to be profitable, but most of all they have to be sustainable. This is the point, and to be sustainable you can’t always reach out to the market and do fundraising,” said Paola... read more

Is analytics the missing piece in a complex settlement jigsaw?

29th October 2020

At a time when the costs of doing business are skyrocketing, is it sustainable for banks to persevere with the current approach to trade settlement failure? While there will always be trades that fail, the tolerance levels of banking boardroom execs must be at breaking point right now if the latest Esma Trends Risks and Vulnerabilities (TVR)... read more