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Sibos 2012 – Day 1 Report: New CEO speaks and making technology work

29th October 2012

Company: bobsguide
The Sibos 2012 trade show started today in Osaka, Japan, with an opening plenary from the new chief executive officer (CEO) of SWIFT, Gottfried Leibbrant, recounting his first 120 days in charge and his plans for the future, says Tom Groenfeldt. A panel of bankers, consultants and technologists also addressed the key question of the role... read more

Sibos Preview Blog: The Future is the Digital Economy – Are You Ready for the ‘Innotribe’?

26th October 2012

Company: bobsguide
The growth of the digital economy offers benefits for progressive banks, consumers and businesses that are ready to make the most of the resulting efficiency and customer experience and acquisition opportunities. For those corporates that provide the security and privacy that digital natives need a world of opportunity awaits. In this article... read more

Sibos Preview Blog: Bone up on your RFP process if you want SEPA compliance benefits

25th October 2012

Company: bobsguide
With the Sibos 2012 trade show, organised by Swift due to start next week – unfortunately without a number of Chinese banks – it is probably a good idea to remind yourself of the essential elements of a good request for proposal (RFP) process. After all, says Jonathan Williams, director of product strategy at Experian, for those... read more

Sibos Blog: Why the political row between China and Japan should not be allowed to ruin Sibos 2012

23rd October 2012

Company: bobsguide
I have just returned from a work trip covering the AFP Conference of corporate treasurers in Miami, US, and every time I turn on a TV now back in the UK I expect to be assailed by a barrage of political attack ads. That’s the danger of visiting a swing state such as Florida during the US presidential elections of course, but one thing that... read more

Sibos Blog: HK still premier offshore renminbi centre, says Swift, as RMB set to dominate Sibos 2012

22nd October 2012

Company: bobsguide
Hong Kong remains the world’s largest offshore renminbi (RMB) payments centres, says Swift in its latest update of the volumes flowing across its systems, but London has overtaken Singapore as the second largest centre. Hong Kong still processed 80% of all RMB payments in total, however, making it by far the most significant hub for... read more

Sibos Blog: Reaping rewards with effective reconciliation

17th October 2012

Company: FIS
Ahead of the Sibos 2012 trade show in Osaka, Japan, on 29 October to 1 November, which will be covered by a daily bobsguide show blog, Richard Chapman, product director, operations, for SunGard’s banking unit discusses one of the topics that is always up for debate: reconciliation. He outlines here how to achieve operational maturity in... read more

Proposal for an intraday liquidity regulation: the crack in the supervisory wall is to be closed

9th October 2012

Company: Finastra
By Mariusz Podsiadlo - Head of Product Management, Misys Global Risk – Liquidity The aftermath of the credit crisis has seen a flurry of regulatory activity, especially in the previously ignored area of liquidity risk: the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision published its ‘Principles for Sound Liquidity Risk Management and... read more
Hybrid funds must tackle operational challenges

Hybrid funds must tackle operational challenges

8th October 2012

Company: Koger Inc.
by Ras Sipko The alternative investment industry has had to reinvent itself over the past few years following the financial crisis, which has resulted in the emergence of a number of hybrid schemes that make use of both hedge fund and private equity strategies. Hybrid funds are a response by managers to the challenges of striving to... read more

Near real-time analytics in banking: delivering on old promises?

4th October 2012

Company: bobsguide
By Denise Montgomery, research director, Ovum financial services research and advisory, Asia-Pacific. Banks continue to invest in new mobile front-end applications, online development, and agility. To speed the quality and relevance of decision-making and customer experience in such fast-paced environments, however, analytics are often... read more

Mobile banking at last goes mainstream: Are you ready?

4th October 2012

Company: bobsguide
Mark Gunn, European, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) Director APM, at Compuware examines the history and present performance of mobile banking systems, with reference to a recent study of three large UK retail banks’ mobile websites at Barclays, RBS/NatWest and HSBC. The study was carried out using Compuware Gomez’ mobile readiness... read more