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Euronext gears up M&A strategy for international growth

7th November 2019

Company: bobsguide
Creating a fully cross-border infrastructure is a priority for Euronext in it's as it looks externally for growth opportunities, according to the stock exchange’s CTO. “Really the idea is to move from an exchange to a full market infrastructure,” says the exchange’s Alain Courbebaisse. “Our approach would be to... read more

Barclays’ CTO: Isda’s CDM to drive trading efficiency

6th November 2019

Company: bobsguide
Driving efficiency through the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (Isda)'s Common Domain Model (CDM) will prevent banks from exiting trading certain products according to Barclay's chief technology and innovation officer. “It goes back to the cost of doing business,” said Barclay’s Lee Braine on a panel at... read more

Microservices – how to redefine the possible in digital transformation

4th November 2019

Company: GFT
Digital transformation is more akin to a journey than a destination and all banks start out from different points. Although the journey is necessary, there are many barriers to progress, including: inertia, existing structures and lack of knowledge of the required modern technologies. Find out how to progress at our upcoming event with AWS:... read more
AI vs money laundering. Who wins?

AI vs money laundering. Who wins?

1st November 2019

Company: Comarch Finance
With a million-wide customer base, banks have introduced automated transaction monitoring systems. Traditionally, they are based on a limited number of predefined money laundering detection scenarios, known as rules or conditions. If an account holder violates any of these rules, an alert is generated.  This is very imperfect.... read more

Quantum computing commercial cases predicted within decade

31st October 2019

Company: bobsguide
It will be between three and five years before a commercial use case for quantum computing comes to market, agreed a panel at Money 2020 US in Las Vegas this week. “For certain really hard math problems and certain complexity classes there are things that these noisy intermediate-scale quantum solutions (Nisq) will be able to do much... read more

Banishing the black box: Achieving explainable sanctions screening

30th October 2019

Company: Accuity
The final installment of our three-part sanctions compliance blog series looks at the industry shift from transparency to true explainability. The importance of explainability As described in our recent white paper, Excellence in Sanctions Compliance: The Role of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Explainability (the 3Es), explainability means... read more

Centralised database “the next step” in biometrics

29th October 2019

Company: bobsguide
A centralised biometrics storage entity will develop in the near future, but questions are being raised over what that entity would look like, how to ensure impartiality, and security risks. “There’s a great foundation for biometrics – there’s widespread user adoption via mobile phones and the next step in the evolution... read more

AMF’s Bonnet: Emir reporting errors from system changes

24th October 2019

Company: bobsguide
Regular IT changes and upgrades across banks is causing regulatory reporting errors, according to Christophe Bonnet, head of the data driven supervision unit, at the French financial markets regulator, AMF. “Most of the time it is IT issues, they don’t have the right information, they are not able to provide the data on... read more

Robust governance procedures key to bank-vendor relationship

21st October 2019

Company: Finastra
“We put in place rigorous governance mechanisms, we agreed with Finastra what the governance mechanism would be like and we then started to execute it,” said Dr Aamir Matin, chief technology and strategy officer, HBL, Pakistan. That governance mechanism is crucial to any bank-vendor relationship, added Saqib Iqbal, sales manager MEA... read more

Change transformation is critical for the global buy side

17th October 2019

Company: SimCorp
Recently, we heard of a media reporting of a failed buy-side system implementation, this time in Asia-Pacific, with significant impact on the firm and its resources. It is probably not for the last time that we hear of such examples. But modernisation of buy-side operations and infrastructure is absolutely necessary, to shake off the relentless... read more