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Report: Hedge funds building tech stacks in-house as vendor bearings change course

1st April 2021

Company: bobsguide
Hedge funds are increasingly looking to high-tech, quantitative methods to beat the competition, which in turn is changing how tech vendors place themselves within the financial ecosystem according to market participants “Whilst we do use some vendor systems, a lot of what we do that give us a competitive advantage and differentiates us... read more

Paytech market updates: TrueLayer, Afterpay and Intuit lead in integrations

19th March 2021

Company: bobsguide
India-based Axis Bank, on March 10, launched Wear ‘N’ Pay, a range of wearable budget-friendly contactless payment devices. The bank partnered with Canada’s Tappy Technologies and France’s Thales to bring customers hands-free payments available exclusively on the Mastercard platform. On March 9, global payments platform... read more

Agility is the mother of payments innovation, but legacy is still a sticking point

15th March 2021

Company: Compass Plus
For the first time, we’re in a consumer-driven world. We once did our banking with whoever had the nearest branch and we shopped with whoever had the best price or with the local store. Things have changed. Consumers are now in control, driving demand for slicker, more convenient, more personalised services across retail, commerce and... read more

“Right time” for CBDC to be considered, says BoE senior manager

11th March 2021

Company: bobsguide
The Bank of England (BoE) reiterated its ambition to introduce a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to improve the payment landscape’s resilience, at an Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) conference last month. “There's been a gradual privatisation in recent years and decades in the money that's used for... read more

Budget 2021: Fintech omission disappoints

4th March 2021

Company: bobsguide
Hopes of detailed spending plans for fintech were dashed when Chancellor Rishi Sunak failed to specifically mention the sector in his Budget speech on March 3. Luke Hamm, CEO of R&D tax specialists GovGrant said in a statement that the government had “fallen short” of expectations. “Fintech is one of the crucial sectors... read more

Are software vendors about to become Netflix-like? Well, sort of

2nd March 2021

Company: Comarch Finance
These days, there are three main software delivery models on the market: out the box, off-premises, and on-premises.  In the out of the box delivery model, the user buys a disk containing a software distribution kit and installs it. Simple as it may seem, the main disadvantages of the model are: the need for a machine that’s powerful... read more

Fintechs praise Kalifa Review but await government response

2nd March 2021

Company: bobsguide
Reaction to the long-awaited Kalifa Review of UK Fintech by the fintech community has been broadly positive. But the industry’s attention now turns to the UK government and how it will implement the raft of recommendations made in the report. Published on February 26, on the eve of the Budget, the Kalifa Review sets out five key areas... read more

Paytech market updates: Visa, Mastercard and TrueLayer boost payments

9th February 2021

Company: bobsguide
On January 12 Challenger Revolut launched confirmation of Payee with Modulr as part of its latest anti-fraud security feature. This comes after it announced it had applied to the FCA for a banking licence the day before. Payments provider Mastercard, on January 18, announced it had joined forces with FrenchSys to enhance and speed up the... read more

Growing ESG data and tech markets becoming integral to sustainable finance

3rd February 2021

Company: bobsguide
Global inflows into sustainable funds were up 88 percent in Q4 2020 to $152.3bn compared with the same period in 2019, with Europe continuing to dominate the space, accounting for 80 percent of these inflows, while the US took in 13.4 percent, up slightly from 12 percent in the last quarter, according to a recent report by Morningstar. But while... read more

Calls for CRM to include PISPs and electronic money issuers

29th January 2021

Company: bobsguide
Forty-one percent of authorised push payment (APP) scams have been reimbursed since the introduction of the Contingent Reimbursement Model (CRM) but “there is more to do”, according to the Lending Standards Board (LSB). The self-regulatory body published its review into the voluntary code following an industry wide consultation... read more