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bobsguide Software Rankings 2018 winners announced!

11th December 2018

Company: bobsguide
We asked market participants to vote for their top fintech software providers for the year, and they obliged: the bobsguide 2018 Software Rankings voting system was inundated with votes from firms employing financial software solutions and now, we’re very pleased to announce those organisations that have really impressed their customers... read more

Cash optimization with multi-currency and virtual accounts

11th December 2018

Company: BELLIN
In today’s global marketplace, treasurers face the increasingly complex task of managing a corporation’s liquidity. As multinationals expand their overseas operations, more and more bank accounts are being opened for different geographic regions, currencies, and business needs. With so many accounts, bank account structuring and... read more

Swiss Re: DLT nowhere near interoperability

6th December 2018

Company: bobsguide
Interoperability of cross industry distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) may be the next logical step forward, but it is far from being realised, according to Jags Rao, director of DLT at Swiss Re. “We are not there yet, we are not even near. But, that is an opportunity where the tech industry can make progress,” said Rao at... read more

Tandem COO: Challenger race “a marathon not a sprint”

6th December 2018

Company: bobsguide
Speaking at FinTech Connect this week, Nick Bennett, chief operating officer of Tandem, said the bank is well poised to win the challenger race, with others focused on restrictive business models. “This is more of a marathon than a sprint. Monzo have done a 100m dash, but over a longer race Tandem will start edging out. ... read more

Nationwide head of transformation: “We’re taking our time with Open Banking”

6th December 2018

Company: bobsguide
“Most people who are working on the Open Banking initiative would agree that the collective uptake rate has been less than expected,” said Matt Perks, head of transformation at Nationwide, during a presentation at Fintech Connect outlining the building society’s approach to Open Banking. Open Banking continues to dominate the... read more

Interoperable APIs to help fuel financial inclusion, not blockchain

6th December 2018

Company: Trulioo
Since its inception, it has been a core tenet of a decentralised blockchain to bring citizens from developing countries into the global financial system and the greatest advocates continue to push the same message, arguing that an immutable ledger of proof would stamp out fraud, and serve as an ultimate record of global identity verification. ... read more

Barclaycard's Kerigan: Retailers hesitant to embrace Open Banking opportunities

28th November 2018

Company: bobsguide
Retailers are showing signs of reluctance to the payment innovations enabled by Open Banking according to Nick Kerigan, managing director of future payments, Barclaycard. “I think they [retailers] are being cautious and prudent in the sense that they want to explore the benefits, but they also have clear incumbent payment methods, which... read more

Interview: Barclaycard CIO on Open Banking APIs and blockchain non-adoption

23rd November 2018

Company: bobsguide
A new Barclaycard survey of 100 UK chief information officers (CIOs) goes some way to clarifying how the role is changing in the face of fast technological progress. Among the findings, 42% of companies are scaling up their R&D spending to leverage emerging technologies, and 77% are executing new approaches to implementing technologies. ... read more

BIN sponsorship: how to get it right

22nd November 2018

Banking Identification Number (BIN) sponsorship is a quick shortcut for many companies looking to get their proposition to market both domestically and overseas. BIN sponsorship allows firms to process payments through an intermediary that is a direct scheme member. Why not go direct? Direct scheme membership is often costly, time consuming and... read more

Case study: TD Bank & Bottomline team up to tackle payments

21st November 2018

Company: bobsguide
Thorough checks are required when selecting a third party tech provider of any system – not least when a bank looks to incorporate a new payment infrastructure. The payments ecosystem in the US has become increasingly complex. Many business to business transactions are still made in cheques, while technological advances have led... read more