Consultancy Insights


Why there’s “no easy cut and paste” for banks and fintech

16th March 2016

Company: bobsguide
Today, no conversation about banks and fintech companies gets very far without the word ‘collaboration’ getting mentioned. But even if more financial institutions appear to be talking about the need to innovate and are moving to work with and support startups, true collaboration and integration is easier said than done. At the... read more

The OECD Action Plan – What’s Next?

18th February 2016

Company: Arkk Solutions
The 15 part action plan aims to tackle global inequalities in taxation income, increasing transparency for tax administrators and significantly improving Multinational Enterprises’s compliance. With tax regulations of large corporations at the forefront of all policy makers’ minds, this latest endeavour from the OECD and G20 will... read more

Regulation: What’s in Store for the Alternative Investment Sector in 2016?

25th January 2016

Company: RFA
2016 is shaping up to be one of the busiest years for financial services regulation and legislation globally. There will be several new, challenging regulations that financial sector firms will need to adapt their business operations to in order to stay ahead of the compliance curve. In order to prepare adequately, the wider alternative... read more

Fintech Alliance Helps Drive Prepaid into the Mainstream

20th January 2016

The rapid growth of the prepaid card market provides instructive lessons on the changing dynamic of consumer behaviour patterns, and illustrates how banks can best innovate and adapt to this fluid landscape. The 2008 recession initiated a number of significant shifts in consumer habits – from a migration away from premium brands to... read more

Onboarding Millennials: From Instructive to Supportive Employee Training

19th January 2016

Company: Iridize
Quietly and almost unnoticeably, employee training practices which had been in use for decades have become obsolete. While existing practices may still be relevant to some employees, for a growing percentage of our workforce: the millennials, these have become less relevant and even a hindrance. By 2014, 36% of the workforce was comprised of... read more

Responding to the mobile shift within retail banking and the need to change

13th January 2016

Company: shinobicontrols
Mobile, and specifically mobile apps, are fast becoming the most important touchpoint between a retail bank and its customers. Customers expect a great experience when using their bank's app, but how can you realistically deliver this? In this article we touch upon the most important areas and provide a link to our recent white paper that... read more

How can brokers manage regulatory change?

9th December 2015

Company: SSP
Next year will see a massive shift for brokers across the market as a series of regulatory changes comes into force at the same time, creating a perfect storm for intermediaries. A number of different pieces of regulation will come into effect in the six-month calendar window between April and September 2016. Firstly, the Competition and Markets... read more

In Search of Analyst Productivity

4th December 2015

Company: Bipsync
Three (and a half) ways that funds are making more time for research. Knowledge workers spend a disproportionate part of their day searching for information, rather than using and creating it. In an industry where the main capital is knowledge, that can be a pretty costly oversight. According to a recent IDC study, 36% of a... read more

Shoring up Mobile Payments from Cyberthreats

18th March 2015

Company: Webroot
Mobile payments are becoming increasingly the norm. With Starbucks, Uber, retailers and even banks embracing the idea of turning your smartphone into your wallet, it is expected that mobile transactions will double in 2015. However, from a security perspective mobile payments are only as secure as the weakest link and last year highlighted that... read more

Polaris Consulting and Oxford University teach executives how to survive in today’s digital world

12th March 2015

Company: bobsguide
Financial technology consultancy company, Polaris Consulting today announced the launch of their new executive education programme in collaboration with Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. The new programme, entitled the Oxford Polaris Digital Academy, will provide executives with the insights and skills to thrive in today’s... read more