3 easy tips for banks to appeal to the over 55s

11th November 2019

Company: Auriga
This is part two of our blog series, taking a deep dive into the generations that banks are at risk of neglecting, such as Generation Z. Our second instalment focuses on the over 55s – an important group for banks to ensure they are keeping in mind, especially given the UK’s ageing population. Read on to find out how banks can... read more

SocGen’s Loo: Fintech independence important

8th November 2019

Company: bobsguide
Fintechs involved in accelerators need to keep their independence to drive innovation, according to the deputy head of sales for global markets at Societe Generale.  “We think that it is important for the fintech to keep their agility, their independence .We are happy to accompany them, to make them grow but we don’t necessarily... read more

Euronext gears up M&A strategy for international growth

7th November 2019

Company: bobsguide
Creating a fully cross-border infrastructure is a priority for Euronext in it's as it looks externally for growth opportunities, according to the stock exchange’s CTO. “Really the idea is to move from an exchange to a full market infrastructure,” says the exchange’s Alain Courbebaisse. “Our approach would be to... read more

ECB’s Löber: Industry must understand blockchain trade-offs

7th November 2019

Company: bobsguide
The payments industry is reaching saturation point with blockchain initiatives, according to the head of oversight division at the European Central Bank (ECB). “You have [blockchain] developments, if they are integrated into an existing service, existing infrastructures, it is incremental,” said the ECB’s Klaus Löber on a... read more

Concerns raised over smart contract coding issues

6th November 2019

Company: bobsguide
Questions are still being asked around the ability of smart contracts to fulfil financial transactions. “This is a big thing, it is much more difficult than you might think,” said Dr Christopher Clack, associate professor in the department of computer science, UCL, on a panel at the International Swaps and Derivatives Association... read more

Identity intelligence and biometrics key to fraud prevention

6th November 2019

Company: bobsguide
Utilising digital identity intelligence and behavioural biometrics on top of a multilayer approach to detecting and preventing fraud could be crucial for retailers moving online, according to Kimberly Sutherland, vice president of fraud and identity management strategy at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “When companies use a... read more

Barclays’ CTO: Isda’s CDM to drive trading efficiency

6th November 2019

Company: bobsguide
Driving efficiency through the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (Isda)'s Common Domain Model (CDM) will prevent banks from exiting trading certain products according to Barclay's chief technology and innovation officer. “It goes back to the cost of doing business,” said Barclay’s Lee Braine on a panel at... read more

Data management: An ongoing challenge for investors and asset managers

5th November 2019

Company: FundCount
Data is the heart of the asset management industry. Multi-million-dollar decisions are made and deals are won based on the insights and number-crunching results data provides. After all, data is an enabler for smarter, more fact-based decisions. But it can also be an anchor. Firms today are struggling to cope with volume while ensuring quality,... read more

Don’t build your cloud landing zone in the dark

5th November 2019

Company: GFT
Digital transformation in its many forms is without doubt one of the most pressing objectives for almost all firms across all industries. Cloud migration is at the heart of creating any sort of digital environment or DevOps culture. But despite the amount of commentary, white papers, consultancy firms, and dollars spent, it is still one of the... read more