Consolidated Message Feed Interface



Inforalgo Bloomberg CMFi Interface

An integral part of Inforalgo’s Bloomberg Integration suite – the CMFi Interface provides a secure and reliable transmission interface to upload orders and executed trades directly into Bloomberg.

Whether you are trading on one or multiple Electronic Markets, the CMFi interface enables you to upload executed trades seamlessly to Bloomberg. Inforalgo also provide a Universal Viewer GUI that gives users complete transparency on the trade flow between your chosen Electronic Markets and Bloomberg.

Inforalgo can offer 2 choices of Implementation, In-House or via our Managed Service.

The Inforalgo Managed Service  gives users of Bloomberg systems the option of integrating with other system platforms via a service (SaaS), thereby ensuring that they receive the full functionality required without the hassle and costs associated with maintaining the integration hardware, software or infrastructure that would normally be involved.

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