xTRAIL fits easily within your existing technology and transaction environment to break down organisational and technical silos that typically exist within financial institutions to provide a complete picture across a myriad of data. Real-time access to messaging data enables high performance search, access, reporting and dashboarding.

The intelligence of the solution lies in the unlimited array of data sources and formats supported, including market standards such as SWIFT MT, MX (ISO 20022) and FIX, including domestic standards. Custom or proprietary formats are covered through the definition of a custom format dictionary.

Finding a needle in a ‘transaction’ haystack is one thing knowing how to find it and executing similar searches is quite another. Intix deploys the right technology and people to give you repeatable real-time results time and time again: xTRAIL.

Repeatable real-time results: xTRAIL.

Discover our use cases at https://www.intix.eu/xplore

Product and service specifications
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Language used
• Java
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Operating system
• Linux
Pricing structure
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User interface
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SWIFT financial messaging Realtime Searching Automated Reporting Dashboarding Alliance Access

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