WWS Artificial Intelligence

The Bank of the Future Focuses on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be applied to several banking processes, including those that work on improving the user experience on all banking channels, through forecasting and strategic business analysis.

AI can have a strong impact on the relationship between the bank and its current and potential customers. Interactions with all the bank’s touch points and cash points generate valuable data on potential and existing customers that can be collected to find out more about their level of satisfaction, behaviour or the risk of losing them; allowing the bank to then design an even more customised customer journey.

AI – Benefits for Banks

The application scenarios of AI technologies are varied and do not just include the introduction of specific machine learning or deep learning systems, platforms or algorithms. It is above all the inclusion and metabolisation of these new tools in the organisational dynamics and existing technological structure that make the difference.

The AI module, integrated with the proprietary systems, makes it possible to make the most of the data, to facilitate and speed up strategic decisions and improve investments.

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