NetReveal Payments Fraud

Identify and block payment fraud faster and smarter using the latest behavioural profiling, anomaly detection and machine learning techniques.

NetReveal Payments Fraud employs a combination of predictive analytics and machine learning techniques to uncover suspicious behaviour across all channels.

NetReveal helps banks meet fraud threshold targets and as a result reduce the barriers for accessing new opportunities whilst keeping their services closed to criminals.

NetReveal provides:

  • Smarter alert generation – Constant monitoring of pre-defined thresholds and rapid adjustment of pre-set rules and predictive models
  • Streamlined fraud operations – Reduced investigation time and expense by automating transaction interdiction, incident assignment, event visualisation and reporting
  • User behaviour monitoring across all channels – Connect suspicious activities and follow account holders as they navigate and execute payments across traditional and digital services
  • Open Banking / PSD2 Ready – Constant monitoring of pre-defined thresholds and instant adjustment of detection models. Includes configurable Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) rulesets that power risk-based decisions for StrongCustomer Authentication (SCA)
  • Granular Governance – With full model audit and explainability the NetReveal Advanced Analytics Platform empowers citizen data scientists to create, enhance and monitor detection models in alignment with compliance frameworks
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