Bringing ‘Mini Branches’ to Life

The eXtreme Teller Machine, or XTM, is an innovative delivery channel, and a key pillar of the bank digitalization era. As an alternative to the traditional bank branch, the XTM elevates any bank into the digital world, utilizing the current customer-base and attracting new customers fast.

ETHIX XTM is in effect a mini branch. It combines visual, interactive banking and self-services technology to provide a complete bank branch that offers 24/7 availability. XTM facilitates bank expansion, providing a portable branch solution at a reasonable cost while meeting customers’ demands for 24 / 7 access to banking services.

Why Financial Institutions Need the XTM

Reach| Engage | Deliver

The XTM offers numerous business bene­fits to banks and ­financial institutions that support increased revenue and the reduction of operational costs.


Extend the bank’s footprint and physical reach without the costs associated with traditional branch network expansion.


Engage customers through the offering of a better banking experience.


Deliver bank products and services 24 / 7 with extended working hours and accessibility.


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