ETHIX Digital Channels

ETHIX Digital Channels

Secure | Seamless | Customized

The ­financial services industry is on the cusp of complete transformation. Access to more data, and the availability of new technologies amongst other factors, has led to customers demanding a more customized, immediate and frictionless banking experience. ETHIX Digital Channels enables banks to serve their Corporate, Retail and Investment clients using ETHIX Internet, ETHIX Mobile and Xtreme Teller Machines (XTM) solutions; offering a better, more personalized, customized and secure banking experience via a customer’s smart phone, smart watch, tablet, PC and laptop.

Why ETHIX Digital Channels?

Omni Channel

The ETHIX Digital Channels are designed to cooperate and build a coherent, evolving, cross channel experience.

Customer Centric

The customer centric architecture enables the bank to launch one-stop financial services for its customers. This effectively supports true relationship banking and provides a robust framework for cross sell opportunities. The ETHIX Digital Channels also supports the adoption of a customer centric mindset, leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention rates.

Time to Market (TTM)

ETHIX Digital Channels expedites Time to Market (TTM) and facilitates efficient resource management, predictable product scheduling and launch dates and effectively increasing total revenue. The delivery of timely products and services will increase customer satisfaction, retention and organizational profitability.

Interface Personalization for an Exceptional UX

The ETHIX Digital Channel features visual tools built upon the latest interactive mobile and web technologies.  Its responsive design, that is optimized for all device types with Advanced Dashboards and Widgets, create a rich, User Experience (UX).

Agile Framework

Our Solution is highly parametrized. You can manage your business rules, User Experience (UX) customization on site with zero development effort. ETHIX Digital changes is SOA based using a code free integration capabilities.

Secured Platform

Built upon latest security standards (i.e. OWASP) and PCI compliance guidelines.

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