Bankers Almanac Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Data

Getting an in-depth understanding of the ultimate beneficial owner of your financial counterparties means you can assess any risk in your business relationships and comply with the best regulatory practice.

You’ll gain clear insights on who you’re doing business with when you depend on Bankers Almanac as your reliable and up-to-date source of intelligence on financial counterparties.

Bankers Almanac Ownership data provides you with information on the legal entities that have an owning interest in a bank or financial institution—down to 0.1% of ownership—allowing you to discover group structure, ownership, and subsidiaries and improve your financial counterparty KYC.

With our additional Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) premium data, you can:

  • See the individuals who have an owning interest of 0.1% or more in a financial institution
  • Get proof documentation provided by the institution that certifies their ownership
  • Review, graph, export, and print the information, using Bankers Almanac tools

Save hours of research and manual mapping of financial ownership structures—as well as the associated costs—by utilising Bankers Almanac’s comprehensive ownership data and tools.

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