xTRACE picks up the xTRAIL: indexed (sets of) payments and securities data are tracked, enriched and correlated or consolidated for use by a range of destination solutions and domains. This turns messaging data into actionable insights across the transaction life cycle for business activity monitoring, transaction integrity surveillance and service level monitoring. As data is tracked, alerts on any discrepancy defined by you are flagged up and actions and tasks are allocated to the relevant source.

Trace, alert, action in real time - any time: xTRACE

Following (sets of) data in real-time in heavy duty transaction environments is of vital importance to any bank or infrastructure that plays a core role in a larger ecosystem and economy. Tracing leads to alerts, to insights, to action and reaction.

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Product and service specifications
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Language used
• Java
• Other
Operating system
• Linux
Pricing structure
• Subscription-based
• Volume-based
User interface
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Tracking Business Activity Monitoring Surveillance Alerting

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