Comarch Digital Insurance

Comarch Digital Insurance - Driven by everyday needs of insurance business, designed for boosting performance and facilitating sales and service – a must for any insurer!

Comarch Digital Insurance ensures digitalization of insurance sales and service processes with real omnichannel customer experience. It provides integrated applications for different users based on one common business logic engine.

  • Distributors​: The comprehensive solution provides insurance distributors with smart tools ensuring an effective sales process, convenient portfolio maintenance and performance monitoring, as well as a place to share corporate know-how in one insurance agent portal. It can be used by agent, broker, manager, intermediary, call center operator and other back-office workers to support internal processes.
  • Clients: A direct sales channel as well as a self-service portal providing insurance clients with a quick insight into their covers and new product offers – anytime and anywhere. The tool allows individual clients to purchase covers and manage policies without any assistance on the insurer’s side. The solution also provides dedicated features for group policy affiliates and group policy administrators.
  • Administration: The solution provides the business administrator with a dedicated application with features related to product definition, dictionary, translation and organizational structure management.

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