Broadridge Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting helps investment managers receive daily performance calculations - without the need to rely on an administrator, custodian or third-party provider for that information. Powered by StatPro Revolution’s award-winning cloud-based performance measurement solution and underpinned by Broadridge’s market-leading technology platform, the solution provides complete performance reporting and absolute attribution analysis for internal and external requirements across asset classes and business dimensions.

Complete Set of Performance Analytics Tools

  • Fund-Level Net and Gross TWR plus Net IRR in up to 4 currencies
  • Asset-Level Performance - Computation of returns, weights and contributions at position-level
  • Market Segment Performance - Aggregation of position contributions by geography, strategy, sector and user-definable security attributes
  • Benchmark Comparison - Fund vs. benchmark performance charting and benchmark-relative excess return measures such as Excess Return Proportion
  • Fund Analytics - Standard Statistics, (Alpha, Beta, Volatility, Correlation, R-Squared), Standard Ratios (Sharpe, Sortino, Treynor, Jensen, Information Ratio) and more
  • Historic Performance Measurement - Import of historical accounting and benchmark data since inception

Advanced Performance Reporting

  • Standard Performance Reports - Presentation quality outputs for Fund vs. Benchmark, Performance by Segment, Best/Worst Performers and Contributors
  • Dashboard & Mobile Data Warehouse Reporting

The Value of Integration

  • Seamless performance platform integration with automated portfolio data upload and performance metrics download to Broadridge’s data warehouse to support the investment process and client reporting

Key Benefits

  • Only provider to offer integrated OMS/PMS/Compliance/Risk/Performance solution, gaining efficiency with minimal resource spend
  • Eliminates silos and empowers better decision making
  • Available as a packaged solution rather than a project—turnkey, plugs into existing operation infrastructure, no need to re-architect systems; speeds time to market
  • Performance results fully integrated with other data for 360-degree reporting
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities for internal and external requirements
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