ETHIX- PCD (Profit Calculation & Distribution)

Profit distribution is a very critical function, which has large effect on the bank’s reputation and market share. Most of the customers, depositors and investors are always looking for a low risk investment with a higher profit rate, to secure their money with a good return. Few investors have an appetite for higher risk investments.
Accordingly, banks are looking for an accurate way to calculate profit rates, customers’ profits and a faster way for distributing these profits to customers. Banks used to do these calculations and distributions manually through Excel sheets and manual books.
ITS introduced to the banking software market a very exible, fast and accurate module for calculating profit rates and customer profit, in addition to distributing the bank profits on the
ETHIX-PCD cannot only calculate the profit and distribute it effectively, but it is also fast with the capability to do the profit rates calculations several times till the bank reaches the decision about the proper profit rate to be distributed.

Product and service specifications
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