ETHIX Finance 
Adapt | Innovate | Deliver

The fully Shari’ah-compliant ETHIX-Finance Module is designed to meet the needs of today’s Islamic banking and finance industry. Designed with a focus on ensuring a short time to market and low cost of ownership, the ETHIX Finance Module facilitates product and service innovation, and allows organizations to focus on creating new products and services and getting these to market in record-breaking time. ETHIX Finance is also exible enough to accommodate the dierences between Shari’ah committees in various markets and institutions.

Why do Islamic Banks & Financial Institutions Need ETHIX Finance?

ETHIX Finance provides a wealth of benets and opportunities for Islamic Financial Institutions (IFI’s). The exible platform allows for the centralized control of all financial products and services and the automation of bank processes to enhance organizational eciency and eectiveness.

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