Fame Software

Designed with a deep understanding of the unique and sophisticated properties of a time series, Fame helps your organization by effectively storing and managing time series data. Used globally by leading institutions in the financial, energy and public sectors, Fame integrates with downstream systems and custom applications. Rather than maintaining a date or time association in every database, Fame uses a true calendar that interrelates every database point. It has an implicit understanding of the period of time, allowing it to recognize months of varying lengths, business days, holidays and leap years.


  • Handles comparisons between items with different frequencies
  • Allows the creation of user-defined attributes for customized classification and screening
  • Maintains efficient data storage by intelligently allocating disk space during updates

Benefits of Fame Software:

  • Allows for more nuanced comparisons between data sets
  • Speeds cross-sectional searches for lists or subgroups of database elements
  • Expedites the retrieval of time-series data
  • Stores information at its natural frequency rather than forcing conformation

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time series data, data management, storage, time intelligence, data query, analysis

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