Safe Banking Systems - SAFE List Management

SAFE List Management monitors, cleanses and formats data for filtering through leading watch-list filters. By automatically downloading lists daily from multiple sources including government sanctions, third-party databases of PEPs and high-risk profiles, and internal lists, SAFE List Management streamlines what is often an inefficient, time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It consolidates watch lists in any format and works seamlessly with any filtering engine or anti-money laundering solution. 

SAFE List Management provides organizations with a manageable and cost-effective service to facilitate watch list filtering. Benefits include:

 ·         Handles FinCEN314A for a fully integrated list process

·         Processes OFAC and sanctions changes in hours, not days

·         Optimizes lists for better filtering results

·         Fully automated service improves operational efficiency and reduces cost

·         Supports intelligent data management

·         Provides quality assurance and validation checks and balances


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watch-list filtering, sanctions lists, PEPS, FinCEN314A, OFAC, AML